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"Days decrease,
And autumn grows, autumn in everything."
(Robert Browning, 1855)

Due to the limitations of Web graphics, what you'll see here
is merely an approximation of actually experiencing Autumn
in Newfoundland and Labrador!

Autumn Image Gallery:

Autumn Colours
Fruits and Berries
Leaves and Flowers

Other Autumn Sites and Sights:

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Poems and Prose...
autumn day by Sara Murphy

Arts and Crafts...
Autumn Chickadees
Autumn Morning - The Catalog
Autumn Bliss - Order Autumn Leaves On-line
Angel of Autumn Cross Stitch
Smoky Mountain Autumn Daylilies
Autumn Afternoon on Bobs Lake by Verna Vowles
Fall at NCNatural Digest

Autumn Q & A...
How to Plant Bulbs Indoors in Autumn...
How to Care for Houseplants in Late Autumn...

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