The Park Today:

 Nestled near the top of the Waterford Valley in St. John's, Newfoundland, this 200 acre park is surrounded on three sides by the Waterford and South Brook Rivers. BOWRING PARK presently has 100 acres fully developed, 50 of which were completed 75years ago, and 50 in the early 1960's. The remaining 100 acres have yet to be developed.

With 100 acres presently developed, the park today has many features for the enjoyment of its patrons. Many of these features receive more use than originally intended, however they still retain beauty and character.

Most, if not all, of the flower gardens and beds of the original romantic design still exist. Throughout the summer the park is forever changing in color as flowers, shrubs, and over 400 varieties of trees bloomand blossom forth in a myriad of colors and scents.

The manykilometers of pathways and roads that meander through evergreen and deciduous forests, meadows, along rivers and a forested ravine, provide untold hours of enjoyment.

With the presence of two rivers, the park has 8 bridges to provide easy access to most areas. The rivers and the large man made duck pond provide suitable habitat for an abundance of waterfowl and fish. Recently, salmon stocks were re-introduced into both the Waterford and South Brook Rivers.

The many statues and monuments throughout the park are of interest to people of all ages. Presently there are one dozen such featuures, including the Peter Pan statue, the Fighting Newfoundlander and the Caribou.

The Conservatory, behind the Bowring Park Lodge, is open year round. Inside are colorful displays of tropical plants, ever blooming flowers, cactus and a waterfall with a garden pool containing tropical fish.

A 200 foot diameter fountain pond situated in the newest area of the park has many park benches situated around it for the benefit of those seeking an area of quiet reflection.

Recreation facilities include an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a large playground with a dozen or more structures, a lawn bowling green and the many kilometers of walkways.

The "Bungalow", built in 1915, is a large ranch style facility situated on an expance of lawn ringed by stately trees at the heart of the "old" park. Built as a civic meeting place, it is still used as such to this day.