Local Administration and Law Enforcement

La Scie's local form of government was once called the Local Improvement District. They now have a Town Council which is made up of 7 members. These members were elected by the people of La Scie and their term of office is four years. The Town Council is made up of one town clerk, one town foreman, one loader operator, one truck driver, two labourers, and one garbage dump attendant.

The duties designated to the local council is the town administration. Any constructions of homes or businesses that are planned for the town must be approved by council. Services maintained by the local government are garbage collection, fire protection, street lighting, paved roads, snow clearing, water and sewer.

The tax structure of the town is 6.5 mills,residential, based on the value of property. Commercial rates are 30 to 33 mills. Poll taxes are $135.00 per year, water and sewer rates are $174.00 per year. The estimated total assessment for 1991 is $14,071,461.00. Information on grants and loans to the town was not available. Major projects planned by the local administration are the upgrading of the water supply and to put a park in the town. The local administration of La Scie has a five year long range plan for the town.

La Scie does not have an R.C.M.P. detachment in the town. They have to enlist the services of the R.C.M.P stationed in Baie Verte, 30 miles from the town.


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