La Scie is closed to shipping for approximately four and one-half months of the year, from mid-December to late April or early May. Periodic freezeups occur during the winter months, but because of the rough seas caused by northerly winds the harbour has many break-ups during this time.

Because of La Scies' northern location humidity is lower than the southern regions of Newfoundland. This is due to the continental polar air masses which occur quite often at La Scie.

The average temperature in January is 15-200F. July's temperature is only in the high fifties. This means the summer months are much cooler than the average temperatures for the rest of the Island. Fog in the area is not persistent, the only problems La Scie residents have with fog is when navigation opens in spring or early summer. Precipitation is low compared to the rest of the province.

La Scie has adequate protection from all winds except the northerly ones, which can cause severe damage throughout the shoreline of the community.


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