Commercial Trade & Manufacturing Data

La Scie has a total of 28 businesses in the town. These businesses includes hair stylists, boat building, building supplies, grocery stores, clothing stores, a drug store, hardware and furniture, a liquor store, bar and lounge, and a motel. Also, the town has a Sears order desk service, three restaurants and take-outs, three service stations, an autobody repair shop, and an amusement centre (arcade).

The Bank of Nova Scotia opens in La Scie for three days per week. Employees from the Baie Verte branch travel to La Scie to conduct the banking services for the town and surrounding communities.

The main employer of the La Scie businesses is Nat Sea, a fish plant and fish processor. Records are not yet available for the number of employees and the amount of fish processed at the plant for the past year. The fishery has been the most successful industry in La Scie.

The wholesaler within the community is W. M. Chipp Ltd. The town is also served by Lewisporte Wholesalers. Local Town Council feels that Legal Services would attract people to the community.


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