The number of homes in La Scie is 520 with 500 of them presently occupied. The average price to buy a new home there today is approximately $35,000.00. Residential building lots cost about $3,000.00. There are 20 building lots available in the town for sale. There have been 10 request for building lots so far this year. There are approximately 15 acres of land available for residential development. La Scie has seen the construction of ten new homes in the past year (1991), and there are new housing developments planned in the near future. There are six homes available for rent, with an average rent of $300.00.

Apartment owners in the town are A. J. Halfyard, Harris Hamlyn, and Roy Burrow. There are eight mobile homes in the town.

According to council the roads in the Town are in good condition, with 17 kms of pavement and 10 kms of gravel road. The width of the roads is approximately 22 feet.


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