La Scie is located at the head of the Baie Verte Peninsula, between White Bay and Notre Dame Bay on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. La Scie got its name from the French settlers who occupied the harbour for approximately eighty-years. The hills around the community resemble the teeth of a saw - hence, the name La Scie means "the saw".

La Scie was settled by descendants of Irish and English fishermen as soon as the French left. The Andrews and Critch families who lived in La Scie in 1825 were from the West Country of England, whereas the Clance families came from Ireland.

There are several small islands near La Scie. The most noted are the Horse Islands, which are two large Islands surrounded in places by dangerous rocks. Local names such as Hit or Miss Point and Nervous Point tell you the kind of reputation that the Islands have among the people who fish and use the waters near Horse Islands. These Islands were the largest islands in the area and people lived there until 1967, when they were all relocated to La Scie. Bishop's Rock off La Scie is important as a roosting place for salt water duck.


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