Curriculum Vitae -- David Dalton

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geophysicist; applied mathematician; acoustical physicist; proofreader (including English proofreading and math proofreading including checking for mathematical correctness); math or earth sciences tutor; library and internet researcher; or combination of more than one of those



Employment History

Graduate study and research between 1985 and 1995 at UBC was full-time (12 months/year) and funded by awards up to 1992, then by a student loan, and such research activity is often considered equivalent to employment experience. Graduate study and research between fall 2002 and summer 2004 at MUN was similarly full-time and funded by a graduate fellowship and part-time teaching assistantship position.

Computer-Related Experience

Other Scientific Skills/Experience

Other Skills


Conference Presentations

Some Volunteer Work/Activities/Interests/Hobbies

references, transcripts and publications available upon request

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