Performance and participatory dance

Some Newfoundland traditional dance callers are Tonya Kearley Russell, Ford Elms, Jim Payne, and Jane Rutherford.

Pigeon Inlet hosts Dance Up dances occasionally (plus tour groups and conventions can set up special ones) with lots of reels and jigs, some close to the Irish dances but others that have been modified over the centuries to suit Newfoundland kitchen dances and cotillions and squares. Some popular dances include `The Lancers', `Running the Goat' and many more, called by Tonya Kearley Russell, who also provides instruction to beginners before the dancing begins in earnest. For more information or to set up a dance, call Pigeon Inlet at 1-709-488-3821.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Society has their own group of traditional Newfoundland dancers who often perform at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival. Also at least twice a year there is a traditional dance night at the Wednesday night Folk Night at The Ship Pub, often called by Jane Rutherford or Ford Elms. Also there is often a dance tent at that folk festival.

There is a St. John's English Country Dance Group; for more information call Noreen MacLennan at 722-6393.

Also see the Dance NL web site.

Penney Folk Dancers (Grand Bank) family (and other) dancers dressed in colourful garb who demonstrate Newfoundland dances to live music

Outer Cove Concert Crowd includes some great dancers.

El Viento Flamenco performances include some flamenco dance.

St. Pat's Dancers --- young tap and step dancers

Steele N'Steps (739-7837) offers Irish step dancing lessons and may put on performances sometimes. Sean Silver also offers Irish step dancing lessons.

There are occasional modern dance shows at the LSPU Hall and even a weekend (or week-long) festival, The Festival of New Dance, once a year.