Some useful music-related links

Some of these links may be dead, I'll check them out soon and will weed out any dead ones and maybe add some new ones. I am also starting to hotlink band and pub names in the other sections to their web sites if I know of them.

One good resource, especially for celtic musicians, is Don Walsh's page. Don is guitarist and jokester and one of the founders of Tickle Harbour. His page has pointers to more resources.

Another is music promoter June Hiscock's page.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Council host the annual Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival the first full Friday+weekend in August (but held on the second Friday+weekend in August in 2008) and also host a weekly Folk Night at 9 p.m. Wednesdays at The Ship Inn.

Tickle Harbour

The Sound Symposium is a major festival, held every two years, celebrating sound.

There is an online catalogue of artists distributed by Tidemark that allows you to order CDs online.

You can also order CDs online from Fred's Records.

O'Brien's Music also has an online catalogue and may have out of print recordings.

Candle View Records has a local online events calendar.

Visiting musicians might want to drop by the Music NL office at 155 Water Street as well. Also, they have an award-winning Music NL page which has a directory of member musicians.

The Telegram publishes some live music listings in its Friday edition and has some other events listed in its Thursday edition.

The Scope has good event listings, reviews and more.

The MUSE, Memorial University's student newspaper, has some music listings and some album reviews.

The Town Cryer has some good online listings of live music in clubs.

NF locals has some good online listings of events and more.

The page at Jim Fidler has sound samples and the ability to order Jim's CDs online.

The page at Lizband has some MP3s and videos and lyrics and Liz's diary entries and more.

Amber Music has information on Pamela Morgan, Anita Best, Amber Christmas, Figgy Duff, and Emile Benoit.

The Ched page has links to other alternative rock artists and of course some information on Ched.

There is also a page devoted to Local Musical Talent.

There are sometimes live webcasts from CFOG .

The Impromptu Trio

Newfoundland Voices

The Arts Depot has info on cultural activities in St. John's

CBC InfoCulture has information on cultural activities across Canada

Singsong Inc.

Newfoundland Music allows you to buy Newfoundland music in MP3 form

Newfoundland Songs is an archive of Newfoundland songs

Deadly Gearoffer some Newfoundland music for sale in MP3 format as well

NF & Labhas a little music info as well as other tourist info

George Street Events has some information on musical events on George Street and in the surrounding area.

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