unfinished doctoral thesis abstract

I was in residency in the Ph.D program in Geophysics at the University of British Columbia (UBC) from 1988-1995. A research project, begun in 1990 on "Integral Equation Modelling of Acoustic Diffraction From Cylindrical Shapes," resulted in one conference presentation and should result in one or two short journal articles eventually.

In Chapter 1 I briefly review relevant literature on techniques of modelling diffraction and scattering and give an overview of the rest of the thesis.

In Chapter 2 the solution for acoustic diffraction by a half plane is implemented by using a recursive ARMA operator. This work will be padded and extended slightly in later drafts and will be used to test the work in later chapters. A section on the similar slant stack operator is included in an appendix.

In Chapter 3 I use Backus-Gilbert linear inverse theory methods, modified for complex data, to solve an integral equation for surface field derivatives which are then substituted into a radiation integral to get the total field away from the cylinder. This will be extended to the flattest model and to a parametric approach shortly

Chapter 4 extends the results of Chapter 3 with some resolution analysis or appraisal, beginning with averaging function analysis. Future drafts [unlikely] will also extend the results to arbitrary 2--D geometries and node placings, and will connect with Chapter 4 by considering the half plane or truncated half plane model. Complex averaging functions and an approach that takes into account the radiation integral, plus stuff related to the flattest and parametric models, will also be considered.