Mary Pratt

Mary Pratt, St. John's, graduated from Mount Allison's B.F.A. Program, New Brunswick. Her work has been mentioned in Time, Macleans, Arts Canada and Artmagazine. Exhibits include Memorial University of Newfoundland Art Gallery, the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, Canada; The Canadian Embassy, Washington, U.S.A. and Canada House, London, England. Her works are included in many international collections.

MARY PRATT "Fredericton - Waterloo Row" (25" x 18", catalogue #MP066)

MARY PRATT "Pomegranates - Opened and Closed" (23" x 19", catalogue #MP068)

MARY PRATT "Another Province of Canada" (18" x 25", catalogue #MP070)

MARY PRATT "Trout in a Bowl" (19" x 19", catalogue #MP076)

MARY PRATT "Daisies Against a Dark Hall" (19" x 22", catalogue #MP069)

MARY PRATT "Supper Table" (25" x 18", catalogue #MP074)

MARY PRATT "Artifacts on Astroturf" (19" x 20", catalogue #MP078)

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