Pubs, Nightclubs and Lounges

I may re-order this later to list the oldest establishments first and the newest ones last but that may take a bit of research though I know Erin's and The Ship and Big Ben's are fairly old (for here). (Buster Furey's or Albert Furey's in Harbour Main, also called The Newfoundland Lounge, is quite a bit older and has phone number [709] 229-3266.)

Note that parents may now bring children into licensed establishments that serve food, but only up to 8 p.m. And the St. John's Folk Arts Council has held a celtic session for young people that perhaps they may make a regular thing (see the sessions section for more details), and regularly have a young folk showcase concert at the LSPU. Also O'Reilly's during summer has a youth session on Sunday afternoons from 2 to 7 p.m. in which they allow musicians and other people who are under 19. I suspect that legally they may have to be accompanied by an adult but am not sure and will check that later. Also note that as of July 1, 2005, smoking is banned in all bars in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Also many establishments now have the option of staying open to 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights (even other nights too I think but that is less likely), but that sometimes depends on who is playing. Some bars give last call at 3 a.m. and then lock the door but don't kick people inside out until 3:30 a.m. On New Years Eve hours may be extended even more, at least an extra hour before last call, sometimes to 5 a.m. though some clubs still give last call at 3 a.m. Also bars such as Liquid Ice (I think open only on weekends) may be open from 3 to 5 on Friday and Saturday but serve alcohol only to 3.

It is easy to go on a pub crawl in downtown St. John's or even just on George Street, though some of the better pubs such as The Ship Inn, The Rose and Thistle, Erin's Pub and The Duke of Duckworth lie outside George Street (of course some good ones are on George Street too).

Non-folk clubs (mostly downtown St. John's)

The local non-folk music scene is quite strong, with blues acts Denis Parker Band, Mark Green Blues Band, Lori Cooper, Scott Goudie, Dave Mundy, Corey Tetford, Jason Belmer, Darell Cooper, Critical List, loads more; rock/pop acts Crush, Silverseed, Pamela Morgan Band, Colleen Power Band, Fur Packed (Pact) Action (who have broken up), Panting Brothers, Mark Bragg Band, Barry Canning, Band, Sean Panting Inc., Kim Stockwood (occasionally back), Spunk, Bung, Buckettruck, The Planks (who did one reunion gig last year), Damhnait Doyle, Lukey's Boat, Vicky Hynes, The Co-Stars, Lady Luck and the Smoking Guns, The Saddle Sores, Persona, The Peepholes, The Discounts, Mark Bragg, and many more, country acts 8 Track Favourites, Jimmy Whiffen, Ron Hynes, more, jazz acts John Nugent (occasionally back), Mary Barry, Jeff Dyer, Jim Vivian, Glen Nuoto, more, country acts Ron Hynes, Jimmy Whiffen, more.

Good sources for local rock and folk artists are Fred's Records on Duckworth St or Tidemark Distribution. O'Brien's Music on Water Street may have a bigger folk selection, including out-of-print stuff. Good local folk and folk rock acts include: Pamela Morgan Band, Anita Best, Bristol's Hope, Jim Fidler, Great Big Sea, Fine Crowd (who have broken up), Celtic Connection, Connemara, Panting Brothers Band, Hugh Scott, Jackie Sullivan (who also does some pop), The Punters, Masterless Men, Acushla, Joy Norman, Maura Hagan, The Government Rams, Shanneygannock, The Planks, Figgy Duff (who have broken up but good recordings are still available), Rawlins Cross (who have broken up but good recordings are still available), Kentucky Tundra (bluegrass plus some celtic), Crooked Stovepipe (bluegrass), Tickle Harbour (who have gone on a hiatus but good recordings are still available), Jim Payne, Fergus O'Byrne, Seamus Creagh, Christina Smith and Jean Hewson, Art Stoyles, the Irish Descendants, Anita Best, Simani, Jeezus Murphy, Michelle Myrick, Bannerman Park Band, Muldow, Baxter Wareham, Pat and Joe Byrne, Ron Hynes (country folk), Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellas, Stogger Tight, Sons of Erin, Auntie Crae Band, A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, Middle Tickle, Darcy Broderick, Mike Hanrahan, The Once, The Dardanelles,Atlantic Union, Maher's Bahers. Aunty Crae Band and more.

Folk/Irish pubs

So anyway if you try to go on a pub crawl and have a drink at each bar in even just the downtown Water Street/George Street/Duckworth Street/Solomon's Lane/McMurdo's Lane area in one night you would be very very sloshed so split it over a few days.