Eight Sexual Harmonics theory

I have had accurate matchmaking ability from March 8 to 20, 2019 and from April 9 to July 2, 2021 and from August 8 to 29, 2023. However note that earlier supposed matchmaking ability periods from summer 1997 to spring 1999 and from spring 2003 to early 2005 were fake, I think partly since my matchmaking theory was incomplete then, and I hope to correct at least some of those matches eventually. April 2, 2024: My matchmaking ability has been with me again since the fall; I will insert a starting date here later, and also compile my matches since then.

Associated with that is my 2019 eight sexual harmonics theory, including transgender and multi-spirit cases. This started as my four orientation theory in the summer of 1997, where I proposed a fourth orientation compatible only with bisexual of the opposite gender. I now call that straight-type-2.

Here is a summary of my eight sexual harmonics theory:

1M = straight-type-1-M (optimally compatible with 1F, less compatible with 3F)
1F = straight-type-1-F (optimally compatible with 1M, less compatible with 3M)
2M = gay male (compatible only with 2M and 3M)
2F = lesbian (compatible only with 2F and 3F)
3M = bisexual (attracted to both genders) male, or bim (optimally compatible with 4F, 2M, and 3M, less compatible with 3F, 1F)
3F = bisexual (attracted to both genders) female, or bif (optimally compatible with 4M, 2F, and 3F, less compatible with 3M, 1M)
4M = straight-type-2-M (compatible only with 3F, but has bridge/friendship/trust attraction to 2F who is happily lesbian)
4F = straight-type-2-F (compatible only with 3M, but has bridge/friendship/trust attraction to 2M who is happily gay)

Also I denote transgendered with a T, e.g. 1MT is spiritually 1M in a female body. But really 1M is the same harmonic as 1MT so there are only eight harmonics, not sixteen. Also there are multi-spirit individuals, I think always with the same number of female and male harmonics, and most often two-spirit, which I define differently than transgendered (transgendered has one harmonic in a body of the wrong sex, and two-spirit has both a male harmonic and a female harmonic). For example consider a 1M/1FT such as Chris de Burgh, where I put the T to indicate that they are in a male body, or the (very compatible with Chris) 1F/1MT Helen O'Hara (violinist, not journalist, who has worked with Tanita Tikaram and was in Dexys Midnight Runners).

Some may ask why don't I make straight-type-2-M,F 2M,F. Well it is mainly for backwards compatibility with my past writing, where for many years I was saying there were four orientations: purestraight (now straight-type-1), gay/lesbian, bisexual, and fourth orientation (compatible only with bisexual of the opposite gender, and which I now call straight-type-2). That is why I assign straight-type-2 number 4. Also while some bisexuals (attracted to both genders) are straight by lifestyle choice, I don't call them straight-type-3, but I guess they could call themselves that if they want, but they are still bisexual by my notation and should admit their attraction to both genders if they want the best match of the opposite gender, which is a straight-type-2. Also during my March 2019 matchmaking period I came across one rare four-spirit individual. I think that many who identify as non-binary are multi-spirit though in my matchmaking I came across one bimT (Ivan Coyote) who identifies as non-binary. Also I think that many who identify as asexual or incel are straight-type-2 with what I call old locks, which I will discuss more in a later update of this, along with certain sexual shielding spells which have also complicated matchmaking, and the supposed species split.

Soon I will put all of the matches I did from March 8 to 20, 2019 and from April 9 to July 2, 2021 in one easily searchable subpage of this. But for now they can be accessed (and searched for names, with CTRL-F [CMD-F on a Mac] for the first instance and then CTRL-G [CMD-G on a Mac] for subsequent instances, but NOTE that on old browsers the thread might not be expanded automatically and you will have to click on Expand All, which on Firefox shows as an uparrowhead above a downarrowhead in the upper right of the browser window, before searching) at various matches. Of course some of them may have gone stale by now, i.e. some of those involved may have found other good matches or may have become more compatible with their current partner. But if you know or can easily contact any of those involved, PLEASE relay the matches to them; I have done so for five at least partly local ones and one Quebec one so far.

I will also soon compile my 2023 and 2024 matches and put them in a subpage of this page.

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