Concluding notes

I have demonstrated certain patterns in my cycles of trial and inspiration since early September 1991, including waning crescent highs, waxing gibbous moon trials, three times a 5.5 lunar month separation between waxing gibbous moon trial onset and later waning crescent moon high onset, three times clear sky lightning inspiration, mystic spark experience, and most recently a period of fumbling (or low years) that now (June 15, 2005) has lasted nine years and 4.5 months. This is in contrast to the low years period of past figures which I think generally lasted only seven or at most eight years. I think I have had to go longer since I have a bigger region, lifespans are longer today, and I have had it easy with the help of modern medicines, eyeglasses and contact lenses, and computers, Internet and libraries. But I hope to come out of the low years very soon.

Right now I have a fair bit of evidence that I am similar to Taliesin (Gwion Bach) and Jesus and some evidence that I am similar to several others including both pagan and non-pagan figures, drawn from what is actually known of these past figures lives and what can be poetically interpreted from impossible mythic components.

This helps show that these pagan and non-pagan figures were similar to one another and that their inspirations perhaps had common divine (or environmental tuning feedback, for atheists) origins. But the works of these figures differ a fair bit but also have some common factors, which, combined with common factors in their lives, may have been the focus of academic comparative religion and comparative mythology, which I haven't read much of yet but should. (My reading ability has been a bit lower than normal for me for the last few years of the low years, i.e. not as many novels, poetry, short stories and plays as usual, but still almost up to normal speed scientific and online reading, but not as much religious history/mythology browsing/reading of actual library books as in 1997, but that should improve soon.)

In using mood cycle pattern matching evidence to compare myself to past figures I am primarily trying to get backing for my messages. That is, my similarity to past figures should get people to take my messages seriously, though I don't expect them to believe them blindly but rather to rationally consider them. But also part of my motive is to show that the past figures were similar to one another. However beyond my messages, I expect to be taken more seriously when I also generate significant quality poetry, song lyrics, scientific and entrepreneurial creative ideas, some development by me of such ideas (such as the effect of geophysical fields on mood, which I have made a start on but have not touched in a while), some mystical writing and relating of such to science, and further comparative mythology/religion/folklore work. But note that I do not have any followers and want none. I want my messages rationally considered and rationally accepted if there is evidence for them, and such acceptance does not make someone my follower no more than my rational acceptance of a Stephen Hawking paper makes me Stephen Hawking's follower.

I believe in a principle of commonality and diversity, i.e., a celebration of what we have in common and also a celebration of diversity. This should help us work towards a global spiritual/moral standard (e.g.: love, no harm, tolerance of those who are loving, basic human rights) within which lots of local culture and variation is acceptable. This could be, for example, a one page companion to all the holy books. This companion would also be an update to modern international law and would require tolerance of other paths that conform to the same standard, including pagan ones, and tolerance of individuals, including atheists, that conform to the same standard. This would be arrived at by a UN-sponsored global spiritual summit, with atheist representation and representatives from umbrella councils representing small paths. I do not say that other paths would conform to a standard that I would define, but that they would agree via a UN-sponsored global spiritual summit on a basic definition of what it is to be human, one that would recognize that the spiritual paths already have much in common. But one difference is that tolerance of others, including individuals in other spiritual paths, atheism, races, genders, orientations, ages, languages and nationalities, that (the individuals) meet the same standard would be included. And in that, tolerance of others that meet the standard would be a bare minimum requirement, and of course that could be exceeded by being loving to others that meet that standard. That does not say that you cannot love others who do not meet the standard, so Christians can still follow their commandment to love their enemies, even if those enemies do not meet the standard.

And finally, a diversity of ritual, and even improvisation of ritual, is desirable for the beauty of the garden. But, e.g., clitorectomy is not a beautiful ritual, not just because orgasm and enlightenment are linked, at least on my type of life path. I believe that clitorectomy and intolerance of loving paths should be banned by any UN-sponsored global spiritual summit.

In an earlier version of this concluding notes file I stated that my stuff is glue for the global mosaic. Someone must have hacked that line out since I did not remove it.

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