Notes on the contributors so far

Olaf notes about his contribution that "What follows is therefore a general commentary based on my own, admittedly limited, experiences. Perhaps it would help to know that [Olaf] am middle-aged, and prefer to travel with my wife and two kids (now age ten and thirteen). We travel by car, we prefer motels or bed-and-breakfasts, we don't camp or do a lot of 'outdoorsy' stuff. However, given the natural beauties of Newfoundland, Labrador, and the Iles-de-la-Madeleine (as they prefer to be known), I've included where possible information related to such activities."

I (David Dalton) am a single 38-year old and haven't travelled much around the province in recent years, and in fact was in Vancouver, BC, for much of the time from September, 1985 to December, 1995, except for occasional visits back home. So much of my advice is about the St. John's and Conception Bay areas, and on the local live music and club scene.

Rick West contributed the information on the sessions at The Ship Inn and O'Reilly's and some corrections.

Fergus O'Byrne contributed more information on sessions.

Maree Cox contributed reviews of some accommodations.

The personal travelogue was contributed to me on Jul. 23, 1999 (written Oct. 15, 1998, revised Dec. 21, 1998) by C.W. Lee .

More contributions, including corrections, updates, links, or entire new sections, subsections or paragraphs are welcome.