How to pronounce Newfoundland

The pronounciation varies from community to community, like the accent. But generally, remember that the stress is on the LAND, so that NewfoundLAND rhymes with underSTAND or `a place so GRAND'.

Also, the first d is very soft, and the final d is soft, for flow. This can vary depending on how fast you're talking and how much beer you have consumed. When singing Newfoundland's national :-) anthem, people usually pronounce the Ds more.

The New is pronounces more like Noo or the Nou in Nouveau than Nyu.

The foun is pronounced somewhere between fun and a fast feun, closer to the second.

The stress is mostly on the last syllable, then on the first, and the middle is like a trough between them.

So try `Noufeun(d)LANd'

Do not pronounce Newfoundlander as `Newfie' unless you know the person well. Some will take offense. `Newf' and 'Newfie' are like 'Yank' and 'Yankie' but with the added problem of association with derogatory minority jokes on the mainland of Canada, more than the US and elsewhere. And `American,' `Canadian' and `Newfoundlander' all have four syllables so don't be lazy.