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Today (Aug. 19) I added in the rest of the relevant bookmarks I have on my on-campus machine and will add the bookmarks still active on my Saturday off-campus machine soon plus probably some sites on humanism, deism, pantheism and unitarian-universalism among other things. I also may move my old list of musical artists who have influenced me, at the end of Bear Avenue, to a hotlinked and updated subpage of this page. Also my listing these pages does not mean I endorse them or say they are the best on a subject particularly since some I have only glanced at briefly so far. Sept. 27: just added the long term sunspot cycle plot link back to 1750 (I think there is older stuff including on the Maunder minimum and the Dalton minimum, in centuries in which there was virtually no sunspot activity, and if I find it online I will give a link to it here).

Bipolar support and professional medical sites

Pendulum mailing list web site
Bipolar Significant Others (for family members and other loved ones of bipolars)
Bipolar World
Jacob Driesen's web site (has info on withdrawal symptoms from olanzapine and much more)

Religion/Mythology/Folklore sites


Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Encyclopedia Mythica: Mythology, Folklore, and Legends.
Internet Sacred Text Archive Main Index
Alternative Religions
overview of major religions
lives of past holy figures
Frazer, Sir James George. 1922. The Golden Bough
Top 101 Sites on Religion and Sacred Texts

General paganism/neopaganism

The Witch's Voice (has some on many forms of paganism as well as a lot on Wicca)
Pagan News web site
Circle of Fire


Shamanic Crisis

Native Traditional Spirituality

Canoe story from Washington state
Lilliths Realm - High Country News -- May 26, 1997: 'There's a notion that Indians practicing their religions are less than religious'
Sacred texts site CHAPTER VII; The Mythology of Peru
The Prophecy


site on celtic deities
stuff on Fianna, Finn, Finnegas
a FAQ to alt.religion.druid
the Summerlands' Crossroads druidry site
site on celtic heroes
Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism
Ty Feirdd: The Hall of Bards


The Witch's Voice (has some of other forms of paganism other than Wicca as well)
Pagan News web site
Midsummer/Summer Solstice

Traditional witchcraft

Why Wicca Is Not Celtic v.3.2
Herne the Hunter


Greek paganism

Scientific American: Questioning the Delphic Oracle -- [ ARCHAEOLOGY ] -- When science meets religion at this ancient Greek site, the two turn out to be on better terms than scholars had originally thought
The Advent of Dionysus - Online Book

Gaia Worship

Gaia Church
Foundation Gaia

Newage Practices


The Secular Web


Pantheism and panentheism

Humanism (secular, spiritual, etc.)

Spiritual Humanism

Newfoundland Folklore and Paganism

NF paganism article by Bowman
new MUN/NF Pagan Society site
(the above one may not work on all browsers yet but should soon, I hear)
old MUN/NF Pagan Society site
(MUN=Memorial University of Newfoundland, NF=Newfoundland, and the society is a diverse campus umbrella social group)

On the edge theories other than mine

Reluctant Messenger

Major world religions

a newsgroup article on Mary Magdalene
Congress of the Holy -- Yab-Yum Iconography by Holy Mountain
Quan Yin
(also see the comparative/general section near the start)

Music and Poetry links

Sarah McLachlan
The FTE list FAQ
the sea of waking dreams: A Sarah McLachlan Website
Ron Hynes
Musaik (soon)
Jim Fidler
Tanita Tikaram
Sinead O'Connor unofficial site
Jimmy MacCarthy
Liz Solo
Will add more soon.


a kundalini site

Related Science web sites

Moon Phases site
Daily Solar and Geophysical Activity Report
Sunspot cycle since 1750
Michael Persinger's web site
another Michael Persinger web site
Science And Consciousness Review