Vancouver and Victoria, BC travel/music file

This subpage will be an updated and properly HTML-ized, with jumps (or subdivided into smaller files) and unordered lists, version of my Vancouver & Victoria travel file in the archives, which I last updated in 1994 but which you may still find worth a look (so for now this file is just a pointer to that one).

That file is a compilation of personal opinions that I volunteered to merge, and probably more than half of it is mine. I will especially focus on updating the musical artist, recording and venue info. However many good pages have been developed since 1994 so instead of re-inventing the wheel I will provide links to a few of them. Also I have been away from Vancouver since Dec. 14, 1995, so may have to run the updates by some of my Vancouver musician friends for comment/edits first. (However there is a chance that I might return to Vancouver this year, 1999, and if I do then of course I would update it from there assuming I have Internet access.)

My list of some Vancouver area (or formerly Vancouver area) musicians I have done sound for in sound teching may also be of interest and I will expand on my descriptions of those on there who are still performing later if I have not already done so enough in the reviews on my home page that are of Vancouver area (or formerly Vancouver area) musicians or at least have paragraphs on such (the Pamela Morgan/VFMF review, e.g. I think has some paragraphs on BC artists). But for now I listed some web page links for some of them who have web pages.