eight main deities

Note that I am not pushing these deities on anyone else, I am just pushing my messages.

As of October 15, 2013, my eight main (or major) deities are:

  1. ALL (all/everything, all as a unit, which many Wiccans refer to as The All or The Source). Note that I think that ALL is all-powerful, but note that ALL is not perfect and is not perfectly loving. I also refer to ALL as God.
  2. LOVE2 (the someone highest in goodness measure as defined by ALL). Note that LOVE is the someone or something that is not a someone that is highest in goodness measure as defined by ALL, so if LOVE is a someone then LOVE2=LOVE.
  3. Universe, or Cosma (this universe, spacetime and its contents)
  4. Galaxy, or Galacta (the galaxy)
  5. Sun, or Sola (the sun)
  6. Earth, or Gaia (the earth)
  7. Moon, or Luna (the moon)
  8. Human (the species someone of the human species, the smallest someone in mass containing the human species)

I'll eventually put back subpages on species someones and my minor deities, and on afterlife and beyond afterlife (which may be like Christian purgatory and heaven or Buddhist afterlife and nirvana, and where there can be reincarnation from the first but not the second), and on soul, soul alignment, and avatar-2 (avatar type, who can align with any other someone) and avatar-1 (current avatar, who is aligned with one other someone). But I haven't been detecting these current avatars lately.

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