Salmon on the Thorns

The title refers to celtic salmon, North American aboriginal salmon and Christian fish and to my naked thorn hill climb during late waning crescent moon in early September, 1991. Dedicated to the Beothuk people, celtic pagans hung, drowned, burned at the stake or starved and to all others who have died due to religious intolerance or in religious wars born of cross-cultural misunderstanding. Last update: March 22, 2014. Log of changes: ChangeLog. Also see Planned edits.

Preliminary remarks
My main messages
Key features of my cycles
Recent Changes/Working Notes
Concluding notes

Longer detail for those who want it:

Biography/mystic experiences
Parallels in various world religions
Scientific notes
My main deities
The four components
Poem/song fragments
My old fte list writing
Some useful links

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