Magic guitar/Dragon Lines/Year of the Rat

Summary: personal mood stuff, forming/ravelling of "dragon lines"
         Olympic leap self sacrifice of rat early in Year of the Rat

For the last part of 1995 I was on just 1200 mg of lithium and had few problems, and had not had severe problems ever in Newfoundland. This, perhaps combined with the move/travel stress and temporary change back to a meat diet, left me a bit wobbly and overconfident, and instead of seeing a new doctor here I decided to go off my lithium completely over a period of a week (which is bad since if going off one should taper over a longer period). I did so by mid-January and stupidly continued to drink some alcohol.

In January '96 I found that the musical energy that was here in January of 1994 was missing, that there was a bad feeling about that I had to dispell somehow and charge up the musical energy of the performers and of the venues that I visited. Up to a point this seemed to work.

In late January, waxing moon, I had a 3-day period of racing thoughts, a shaky period that I waited out at home, thinking that somehow the world was being tuned up. During that period I also strung my nieces' guitar upside down, tuned it to some tuning, and in the morning played a Rom-sounding partial tune (and I can't play). This was supposed to tune up the world.

My family became concerned, and after my birthday celebration, during which I wasn't too bad at all, just making some comments that they did not understand (e.g., when I got two Chinese metal ball chimes as a present I mentioned a Vancouver pipa player, and they didn't know the word pipa). Also I guess they wanted to get me back on lithium. So they talked me into going voluntarily to the general hospital where I was admitted for three days, and came out on just 900 mg of lithium. This later proved bad, since when resuming lithium one often must go up higher for it to work and then reduce to a maintenance level. While I was in hospital there was a guy with a burn suit on, and I made some notes on burn therapy (or scar therapy), to go with some I had made at home during the 3-day period on nerve splicing and the like. Perhaps there are some useful clues there for specialists in those areas; if so it could help a lot of people, but probably it is all crap.

Sometime in January/February one night when I was looking at the CBC news displaying a web page chart, I envisaged all of the possible electronic connections including phone and satellites and suddenly there was what I thought at the time was a massive unravelling allong spiralling/looping lines around my arms (and later my back). This I related to the "dragon lines" in Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon, and thought that evil bonds from an evil magical pyramid scheme were coming undone. I now think that perhaps they were forming, or being checked out, and are not bad.

Early in the Chinese year, in the Year of the Rat, when I, my sister Anne and her two daughters were travelling west from St. John's to Lakeview along the Conception Bay Highway, a large rat raced Olympic fashion rapidly to the edge of the road and made a flying leap to hit our car. We backed up to find it was dead and I dragged it off the road, and later thought that it had committed self-sacrifice and would be reincarnated in higher form after hitting the "car of ma."

In winter 1996 (I think February 21) Anne, who has been like a mother and father to me, came in my room and looked me in the eyes and there was a spark from her left eye to my right eye, though I don't think her perceptions were affected -- i.e., I had a spark-like sensation as our eyes met, but she did not.

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