My main messages

My essential messages, which are from me, are in this page and the subpage UN/derived (by me) messages. The subpage Extinction Reel message I no longer call an essential message but just a message for consideration and hopefully research. I also include the subpage Eight sexual harmonics theory though that is not an essential message since it remains to be proven (it is based on personal observations and was supposedly confirmed by my 2019 and 2021 matchmaking ability periods).

The essential messages are all proposed (some are actual government law already in many jurisdictions) law, and lore/logic and not religion though they may affect religion. The messages are from me, backed by the signs in key features of my cycles and my similarity to some past important figures and are not at all based on divination or voices (which I don't have) in my head. These messages can be rejected of course but you should not be able to force others to reject them, and rejection of some on here and the subpage UN/derived (by me) messages may land you in jail in some jurisdictions. I do not believe that religion should exempt anyone from the law, so that if preaching homophobia is against the law outside of religion it must be within religion as well. Religious organizations like any other organizations must follow the law, big religions expect small ones to and they must do the same.

Some essential messages for my people (the human species globally) are:

  1. Don't care what anyone believes as long as they are loving, or try to be as much as possible within constraints of life.
  2. The fundamental is to love; however this can not be always achieved and so one must at least strive to love. Messages that conflict with that sentence must be discarded or edited to no longer conflict.
  3. Loving behaviour should be both within our species (including to other nationalities, races, spiritual paths, orientations, genders, ages, transgendered or multispirit status, mental health diagnoses, physical illness diagnoses, and physical disability classificatons, and with no instigation of war) and, though we would give our own species (or species group if evolution has occurred) a "human family" edge, to members of other species and to each species as a unit and to the environment we are part of.
  4. If you communicate with a someone you must know the definition of that someone. A corollary is that, for non-atheists: if you follow a deity name do not use the name blindly but know what it means.
  5. There is no someone who is BOTH all-powerful AND perfect (or perfectly loving).
  6. There are many possible paths up a mountain, and many such paths do in theory meet or exceed these messages and also my suggested UN/derived messages, partially in place at The United Nations now, e.g. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (but note that I take the "other status" of Article 2 to include sexual orientation, i.e. sexual orientation is a form of "other status", as well as transgendered status and multi-spirit, many of whom identify as non-binary, status) already in place.
  7. Don't take up a path unless it truly resonates with you, and have an individual connection with the path and not just blindly follow.
  8. There should be an individual responsibility to be a seed of good.
  9. Believe anything that there is evidence for (but work to change it if it is not loving) and don't believe something that there is evidence against (but try to bring it into existence if it is loving) and feel free to believe anything you like that is loving (not harmful) and that has no evidence for or against it but don't shove such theories down anyone else's throat but feel free to share the beauty of them.
  10. We are part of nature and not above nature.
  11. There are some similarities between the lives (and in many cases message overlap to some extent too) of some past major pagan and major non-pagan figures (including Jesus) and me.
  12. Sex between incompatibles is an abomination, sex between compatibles is not, such as a gay man is compatible with another gay man but is not compatible with a woman so for him to have sex with a woman is an abomination but loving consensual compatible sex between gay men is not. Similarly for a lesbian to have sex with a man is an abomination. And to have sex with someone while not thinking of that someone and instead thinking of another is also an abomination. Other forms of abomination are pedophilia, rape, incest with relatives closer than second cousin, and bestiality.

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