Don Quixote mode/Gwydion probe

1996 continued

Snake misuse/Don Quixote mode

Over the spring months I acted mostly normal but had the leftover idea that there was an evil magical pyramid scheme that I had to invert, and that lots of locals were involved plus worldwide top guns were posing as locals. I also thought that some of my family members and friends were involved. Sometimes when out in bars I said some strange and often completely wrong things, such as "Natalie Merchant has an Aztec maternal line," "orgasms before breakfast cause weight loss," "Kathy Phippard death cursed Miriam Makeba's brother" (completely wrong), "Are you a psychopath?", and from the song I's the b'y, "Thoth donated to Isis the bi sis to make Seth, via an intermediary tongue", "no more gooey Nessas (or Machas or Rhiannons)" (with their own blood), "your real name is ______", "are you a psychopath", etc. That last one was in a particularly bad night at The Blarneystone when I had had four shots of rye at The Ship, Erin's, Brass Rack, Fat Cat in a half hour and then two beer at The Blarneystone, and made a nuisance of myself. And actually any aerobic exercise of even a minute before breakfast helps, but another weight loss tip is to increase food intake and exercise simultaneously, then after a week decrease the food, but make sure to drink lots of water and avoid too many diuretics, including salt, which can promote fluid retention.

This paranoid eccentricity (Don Quixote mode) was exacerbated by my believing I could divine stuff with my base chakra area muscle response, that a yes/no or other (spelling/counting) question would yield a result. I now know that this is only good for local intuition matters, or maybe not even then consistently, but I guess it is good exercise and still do it a bit without believing too strongly/blindly (i.e., if my base chakra area muscle response clicked when I was adjusting the EQ for someone and it still sounded bad I would ignore it, but I know my ears are definitely connected to my lower regions). I said in the Taliesin series that it may be related to Kundalini and to Merlin's consulting his "little piggy" during his year of contemplation in the forest.) If you overdepend on it, it leads you astray, you're supposed to use your senses and wits more. This click divination also led me into my delusional eyebrow matchmaking theory. It is now May 2001 and for some time now I have resolved to never again believe base chakra area (perineum) muscle click (or jerk) divination. This type of divination led me into delusional trouble many times from early 1996 to May of 1999 and I conclude I should think for myself and not rely on divination.

During the same time period (Feb--May96) I was thinking a lot about world problems and wishing for a global optimized solution, or at least vectors of change moving towards one. This would do stuff like bring the oceans, deserts and forests back to life, solar powered cars/plows in the desert, cool chromatographic refining of oil near source to leave a gunk that could be processed to bind the desert or build up the soil (with some way to get Antarctic ice), shift to more vegetarianism, voluntary migration from huge polluted cities to mid-sized utopian cities closely linked to the surrounding environment, an update to Esperanto to include words from languages ignored last time (to become a global lingua franca trading language), release and learn to communicate with captive cetaceans, a global spiritual summit, ozone hole patch, recycling of nuclear weapons to a cometary shield within a century, repair of clitorectomies (clit regeneration), 200 year lifespan and 8 weeks between menstruation with good rhythm method for women, nerve regeneration/burn therapy/retinal scar therapy, more. I have lots more on paper, but most of it is crap, from last spring. All this time I was on just 900 mg of lithium, and was drinking some.

Oh, I also came up with a theory of five different sexual orientations for each gender: straight, gay, bi, bi-compatible, and celibate, and thought I was bif-compatible, and still think that is probably right, that I am compatible with bi but not perfectly straight women, or one. From the stories of Krishna and the cowherd women (bif, and not dead beef) I would bet that his Radha was probably bi.

Signal Hill, Gwydion

A few snippets:

  1. In March96, I think, I went for a walk up Signal Hill. I'm not that fond of cars in cities, or their lack of evolution (e.g., a gyroscopically stabilised non-rusting hovercraft with moose sensors for avoidance purposes might be better) so on the way up was making warding gestures at some cars. At the top I looked at the Newfoundland-centred circular world map, and placed my thumb on a rust spot as a healing gesture. I then went off behind Cabot Tower, faced the Atlantic, spread my arms wide, and issued a "call" to the world to come help Newfoundland out of its magical bonds (actually economic woes).
  2. One night, when I was contemplating on the update to Esperanto and various styles of reading (left to right, right to left, pictograph, vertical) and had a "Tower of Babel" test experience, in which my very language centres were tested. I held fast, and was fine the next day.
  3. Around the same time I invoked the name of Gwydion for some reason (help I guess) and received the most powerful probe to the third eye chakra that I have ever felt, while standing, for half a minute.
  4. During this time period I often had streams of thought going on too much, and perhaps prayed too much, which can cause problems if you don't sleep. Hence if I have such difficulties again I will practice some meditation/thought-damping techniques, some of which I know.
  5. I was often noticing evil signs where there was no evil intent, i.e., seeing poetic symbolic linkages but the wrong ones. For example, once I walked into the kitchen and four children as a team playing behind me slammed the door shut. I then looked in the oven and found a half roaster with pork fat in it, and called it the "Zen half roaster in the oven" incident.
  6. One night I "mantically channelled" Tommy Sexton (comedian who died of AIDS a while ago) and divined that he wanted all bars on George Street to be "happy bars" with "all types accepted" and 25% all-ages gigs.
  7. Another time while holding fast against supposed evil attack in my room, my lips had gotten salty -- I called them "salt lips of Solomon" and also invoked the name of Gandhi (but much of this was not heard by anyone else).
  8. From December 1995 to September 1996 I did not practice my yoga asanas, and I always have fewer problems when I practice them. (In September 1996 I resumed classes with local Iyengar path teacher Beverley Winsor, who I recommend.)

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