My bio/mystic experiences

These are the experiences which, along with a bit of library and web research into mythology/religion parallels after the fact, led me to the conclusions on comparison of me with past figures and comparison of past figures with one another described in other sections (mainly preliminary remarks and parallels in world religions and concluding remarks) of the main Salmon page. Through mood tracking, mostly backtracking, from 1991 to 1994 I discovered the 5.5 lunar month lunar month separation and the lunar phase correlation with waning crescent highs and waxing gibbous moon trials, and the effect of solar flares on the onset of the waning crescent highs; only later did I find parallels in world religions, not before, and the first parallel I found was Taliesin (Gwion Bach) in 1994.

In the original version, a long linear document, the mythological stuff was interwoven into the autobiographical account. However some don't want all the autobiographical detail so I have separated them, though I will provide some cross links. In the auotobiographical series most long entries will have a brief summary and then a longer Details section which some may want to skip over at first read at least. Later I may make some of the longer Details sections separate clickable files.

In chronological order, over the almost 4.5 solar cycles from 1964 to 2012 (plus for more recent rough notes after this see Recent changes):
Early years (1964 to 1991)
Sun stare/thorn climb/blue rose vision
High/initial lithium blues
Chi sensitivity/"Old hag" experiences
Screeched in/lugh's lance/wild rover
Bear avenue/Child of the wind/Darkest night embraces
Prediction based on mar94 mixed episode
Divine f-holes, platting, asymptotic C-links
Aug94/wasp incident/tantric aspects
St. Sara/Stigmata/Dark Night of Despair
Valentine's/Kundalini SParks
Ship of fools
Fall Equinox, All Souls
Orca Hot Foot
Magic guitar/Dragon Lines/Year of the Rat
Luthien Seagull/The Chain that Snaps
Don Quixote mode/Gwydion probe
"Orpheus" descent/Isis eye
book thumbings
Dancing sky vagina
Eyebrow theory, pokes
more base chakra area muscle click divination, etc.
2005 to July, 2018

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