Newfoundland & Labrador Travel & Music

This travel file (now page) was originally requested of me by the individual responsible for maintaining the archives in 1993 or 1994 since I had posted some notes on Newfoundland to that newsgroup, but there are other contributors and more are welcome. This page is listed in the current travel archives at travel-library-canada-newfoundland which obviously must have evolved out of the old archives, and the newsgroup now covering Newfoundland and Labrador travel is (and nf.general if you have access to it).

Notes on the contributors so far
General Introduction and access details
St. John's and the Avalon
Off the Avalon
How to pronounce "Newfoundland"
How this was compiled/how to add your opinion
Some useful links
A personal travelogue by C.W. Lee

Feedback to is welcome. Also feel free to look at volunteer maintainer David Dalton's home page, which also has some music reviews, a resume/CV and some scientific writings.