eight main deities

Note that I am not pushing these deities on anyone else, I am just pushing my messages, which are from me, and I do not know which of those messages are agreed with by each of my deities, though I think I would not be allowed to proceed unless there was some agreement.

As of April 26, 2022, my eight main (or major) deities are:

  1. Goddess, defined as the ruler of the region all/everything, who many call God, and which agrees with the original Greek word in the Nicene Creed that is often translated as almighty but actually means all-governing. If all/everything is a someone named ALL, then it obviously rules itself and in that case Goddess would be the same as ALL. However I do not know if all/everything is a someone. I view Goddess as having all eight sexual harmonics, so She (I will continue to use She/Her pronouns) is compatible with everyone and can be identified with by everyone. But I still view Her as non-anthropomorphic.
  2. LOVE2 (the someone highest in goodness measure as defined by Goddess). Note that LOVE is the someone or something that is not a someone that is highest in goodness measure as defined by Goddess, so if LOVE is a someone then LOVE2=LOVE. Also it could be that LOVE2 is the personification of Goddess's love and may be the same as the Holy Spirit.
  3. Cosma, defined as the someone that is that which most modern cosmologists believe began with the Big Bang. I think that Cosma is a subset of all/everything. I do not know if Goddess created Cosma, though I divine that She did, but that is not part of my definition of Goddess.
  4. Galacta, the someone that is our galaxy.
  5. Sola, the someone that is our sun.
  6. Gaia, the someone that is the Earth
  7. Luna, the someone that is the Moon
  8. My Species (the species someone of my species, the smallest someone in mass containing my species). If sudden magickal evolution has occurred then My Species is Ghuman1 or BEOTHUK, else it is still Homo Sapiens.

In my latest (beginning around November 7, 2021, and hopefully it will be complete by Beltane, 2022) attempt at getting my four components activated only Goddess decides what of the four components will possibly proceed, but each potential collaborator decides whether it will proceed with its part or not. I still think that Gaia is the source of my perineum click divination and Gaia is relaying from me to Goddess and Goddess to me, but that might be incorrect, Goddess could be accessing my perineum click (short period mula bandha) directly. In the main stack Goddess has change access at top level. My seven main deities other than Goddess have change access one level down, moderated by Goddess.

I'll eventually put back subpages on species someones and my minor deities (including Jesus and Taliesin), and on afterlife and beyond afterlife (which may be like Christian purgatory and heaven or Hindu afterlife and nirvana, and where there can be reincarnation from the first but not the second), and on soul, soul alignment, and avatar-2 (avatar type, like me, which means one similar to past figures who have been called avatars, who thus were similar to me, and who can align at least temporarily with any other someone, given permission of that other someone, which I relate to stories of Krishna making himself small or large) and avatar-1 (current avatar, who is aligned with one other someone). But I haven't been detecting these current avatars lately, and it could be that my past such detections were delusional, e.g. Con O'Brien of The Irish Descendants with Amergin. Also I am open to discussion of a possible new term for avatar type. I have suggested Opener of the Way before but that has been used in other contexts. Also I define devi type as the main human inspirer of the avatar type (e.g. Sita for Rama, and Radha for Krishna, and Mary Magdalene for Jesus) but they are not necessarily romantically involved (e.g. Krishna is said to have married Rukmini and Satyabhama and not Radha by some sources). Again I am open to discussion of a possible new term for devi type.

I promise to not start a new religion or denomination, and forbid anyone else from starting a new religion or denomination in my name while I am alive and even after I am dead. I also forbid anyone from considering me to be a deity to them while I am alive (and in terms of the main stack no living human is accepted as deity to another living human) and even after I am dead. Also I am sure that I am not the return of Jesus or any other past avatar type, but am just the latest in a long line of such avatar types, and think that avatar types and devi types go to the beyond-afterlife/heaven/nirvana after they die and do not reincarnate, but again past avatar types and past devi types are working from the beyond afterlife through my popthroughs.

While I was confirmed Catholic, I long ago renounced that and currently consider myself an individual neopagan. I promise to not join any organized religion again. However, I have also promised my deities that after I come out of my low/wilderness years I will research druidism, traditional witchcraft, and celtic shamanism and may or may not then adjust my individual belief system.

But my essential messages, which are non-religious, are for my people, the human species globally (or if evolution has occurred, the human species group, globally), to logically consider and accept or reject, and are backed by my similarity to past avatar types.

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