Poem/song fragments

Here's a few of my poetry snippets from 1993 -- 1995.   
The first eight and the last two were originally posted 
to the FTE list (devoted to Sarah McLachlan's music). 
The first two are limericks.  

March 22, 2003: I realize these aren't
terribly good poetry but I hope to do better during and
after my next waning crescent high.   I will try to
craft some rhythmic poems and not get too overloaded
by the dance of wordplay as I was in June 1993.  Also
I hope in the future my ability to improv lyrics to
instrumental celtic music will come back and if so
I may invest in a small portable tape recorder so that
I won't forget the lyrics.   Also I have done a few
more poems (more limericks, tapered poems, etc) that
aren't included here yet, I may add them later.

there is a human named Sarah
  she belts out the truly rare ah
   the trussed listener quivers
          whenever she delivers
  her passionate oral lay, raw

this child of McLachlan
fortified by strong djinn
 braves web of sea and leaf
 breaks bonds of pain and grief
sings words of earth cracklin'

3.  (I don't think I knew of Herne before this)

May Day,  SOS
fire, warm my hagrrrl    [this i juggled on the computer, unfinished?]
from the sin gal lie
with hern's stole, passion
mouth ice, river breaks

4. (inspired by a pencil and by Sarah McLachlan's 27th birthday)


Homer's binder
Helen's bounty
Heaven's blessings
Horny Bridgett
Happy birthday


freedom sessions

Free dom in a trice
Sessions with S-hrink
Goode volume, melts ice
Hold on for dawn's pink


a pack of cards
the joker missing
seven of hearts
prepare to ring


no rhythm in me tonight,
so I won't leech-poemize

no tales of mountain passes
no fire of token grasses
no sticking to m'lass's ___

soon time to drop my contacts
and submit to sleep's time ax


Subject:    gracefull fall of nec.king swan?
This was supposed to be shaped like a swan.

dark Ness:

if you want me to GO
i'll GO ...

fall, from G race
     floating, free   fall
Gee, Ohh..  be well,  comely maiden

9.  This is from my June 1993 high, when I went overboard with 
       juggling letters on the computer.   And at the time I
       didn't know that OIU and IOW are names of the divine.
       This is partly influenced by the song Wild Rover and
       by Poe's The Raven (Nevermore).  It wasn't influenced
       by Joyce's Finnegan's Wake since I hadn't looked at that
       up to then.

...FrEE_Lancers' G_yNhAME G_naw f/l/NAmiss, NuNe our Never 'n MOreo oo
     OUIow, the uni-verse, L.whee DRUInk-rD
       aura FU-syZY, G_ee, circle-T  P/ToeMa-knEE
         dense eNFanTime 'round T'Wean dark, from light
     Dis lex 'ick T-waIsted AC-Scent PR-One to M/LIce
  S/B hare, leaf is / all re but-t
      fruit loops chopped, sum bits dropped, sLaphter and PneUNs
             a par fait danSH Z\'est nu f(1)  T fore too
 Chi/me dark to light C/Home light to dark _ sea, ole Port 'eh

                have & helf,  black et tan, 
                wHEY t' fur the rigged barE, tinders of nut and dew.
                   onDe leFt le femME noIre BB uRe gidde
                      all weigh fael  sLlabelLs

10.  (from my July 1994 high, which was not as connected as
      some of the others since it started the day before new
       moon and I had a fair bit of alcohol and pulled an
       all-nighter on newsgroups)

e.g., (to sci.astro, on jupiter impact):

Sounds like a low cal cometh to me,  
And pubs in BC should turn on CBC.
To hear the hissed images, whee
Big red spots seen by mote notary

maybe a serious raddish got translated
by a redish series to a red Serius       
which later was found not to be read
but did have a serius radius
                            oh, no?

On Zenna Henderson's  books on The People (which someone else 
 described, in which the word platt is a magical working of 
 weather, for example; I haven't read them yet):

to a young platter
when you platt 
you are platted
and unless careful 
can get splatted

Otherwise random mistakes
evolve toward the pathes
that miss takes

14.  (from September 1994 high)
Math's dictionary   [Math is in Welsh tradition the little bear in the sky
----------------         or a great druid, mentor of Gwydion]
lemniscate time
liscuute space      [replace with  lituus  space?]
lisajous with us    [actually spelled lissajous]

15.  (from Sept94)
P oh -- a short tree!
a chord struck in the mind 
jewels placed upon paper
ring echos in you, reader
laugh cry a geas from ages
emergent  evolution?

16.  from FTE

pass I on
words in the sky
music in earth
me in between
song to give birth

17.  from FTE, not really a poem

Victoria: "Where the cluck are my secrets?"
Me: "Here, here, in this precious little bit of you,
      rub this dull lamp to get a bright spear for
      your sacred mound, and secrets to share"   :-)

Here are two taper poems I posted to FTE on Sept. 22, 1995.   
The first one was partly inspired by the fact that 
Blue Rodeo were visiting Sarah. 

There was a young woman who lived in a shoe 
 in each of the toes, a candle of blue 
 iron linked, so no spills would she rue 
 each flamed by the phoenix anew. 
By this light she sipped home brew 
called up her lusty lou 
she said "i love you" 
he cried "me too" 
their love grew 
and grew 

baker's dozen (13 lines) 
Rhi,                [This is a celtic short form for the goddess Rhiannon] 
 knot I, 
 eye to eye, 
 and thigh to thigh 
our love draws us nigh 
 passion's flames growing high 
 arms around,  no longer shy 
love to love you, we softly sigh 
 lips moistly conjoined, begin to fry 
   and begin to travel, some spots to try 
there is a young couple who live in no lie          [standup comics?] 
their love witnessed only by the earth sea and sky 
perhaps two will become two and a half by and by 

I know they are pretty corny but I thought I'd share them again. 

Also I guess Rhi should be pronounced Ree not Rye.   Oh wait I 
guess I was referring to IWRY a bit. 

20.  (two acrostics, posted to pendulum mailing list in Jan95)


Fortunately,   there's the rub,
Under hill,    back of beyond.
Call to it,    lost little scrub 
Key the lock,  set right the bond

Also here are some song snippets.   At times I have
improvised several verses in my head to live instrumental
celtic music but haven't remembered them or written them
down or recorded them

1.  to Aunty Mary  (Cock of the North)
The best time I had for this was when Jim Fidler
( http://www.jimfidler.com  )  was doing it on his guitar
at Wommen' Jammin' at The Fat Cat one night.  I did
several verses in my head and then forgot them.  But
the chorus or first verse I think was.

"Aunty Mary, had a canary, up the leg of her drawers [trad line]
 The canary said to the worm, won't you come for tea
 The worm replied, sure my dear, if you kiss me 1-2-3"

But anyway I had several more verses but I have forgotten them.
I think they were about sailing around the world and coming
back again and having a Time (a party in Newfoundland).
I'll try to reconstruct them later.

2.  To the Pretty Peg Reels, the first track on side two of 
    Altan: Harvest Storm

 cathy barrett, lost her drawers
 in the middle of the night
 oh my,  twas quite a sight
 birthday happy, from her roars

3.  To Jim Rumboldt's Tune, fast version, by Rufus Guinchard
    (Actually I should probably write a song about Jim Rumboldt
     but instead did one about Rufus Guinchard.)

    Here's to Rufus Guichard, he's a lion of a man.

    Rufus was a fisher and a trapper and a farmer
    Rufus was a husband and a lover and a son
    He played the tunes all night long in Daniel's Harbour
    To keep the people dancing until the morning came

    (Actually that is from memory, not from my files,
     and I would have to listen to the tune a bit in
     order to reconstruct it, plus I plan to read his
     biography, and there might have been "logger" in there.
     So the above is only a partial reconstruction.)

4.  To a tune I thought was Farewell to Erin but may have
     been something else.

     "Cast her off, turn around, we're leaving town without a sound..."

5.  To another tune which I will recognize if I hear it again.

     "Cast a net into the night, pull the line, pull it tight..."

So anyway though on occasion I have done several verses in my head
I haven't remembered or tape recorded or paper or computer
recorded much yet.   But I expect this ability to return when 
the low years end (during and after my next waning crescent high)
and/or when I come off the olanzapine (but will stay on lithium).

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