Recent Changes/Working Notes

August 14, 2018: Here is a summary of the four components edited slightly (edited again April 4, 2020, and again March 10, 2021) from a post by me on the Facebook group The Shamanic View of Mental Illness, now called Visionary Mental Health:

[Dec.18, 2021: note that God is now the chair/moderator; see the Dec. 18, 2021 entry below]

They are: (1) funnel, (2) popthrough, (3) Sarah stuff, (4) barebones.

(1) the funnel is an adjustment, of items funnelled by me, by Sola, Gaia, and Luna, the chairs/moderators (see the August 6, 2021 entry), to become something better as defined by each of them. Items funnelled included spells that hit me, and tendencies I had to sin. All instances in my global region would be affected. So a negative spell could result in a "funnel bounce".

(2) The popthroughs are updates, expansions, and possibly reactivations of past Openings of the way, probably including stuff like 1, 3, and some of 4, by past avatar types similar to me, each operating on a smaller region than my global region. The expansion would be to cover some, including those now in the original region, those covered by belief in the original figure, and those covered by descent, in my global region.

(3) the Sarah stuff is a repeat of wishes, prayers, and magickal workings of my main human inspirer, Sarah McLachlan, or stuff she has designated to replace that repeat, which (fine tuning) I think she has probably done. [However I recently divined that what was accepted of that overlaps/reinforces some of my other stuff.]

(4) barebones consists of some subcomponents that I would hope would get activated even if 1--3 were not: (a) healing circle prescriptions, (b) a species balance, (c) assisted shaktipat, from me but assisted by Sola, Gaia, and Luna, who are the local chairs/moderators, and other collaborators, to many including those "ordained" by at least one of Gaia, Sola, and Luna, and those ordained by humans to bishop level or above or equivalent (plus some more women in religions that do not ordain women to bishop level or equivalent, plus some atheists), (d) sudden magickal evolution, (e) a main stack of levels of change access to the healing circle prescriptions.

But again Gaia, Sola, and LUna are activating only the subset of the four components material that they unanimously like and are capable of activating.

Here is a more detailed list of assisted shaktipat recipients, who will be a subset of ghuman, gcetacean, and gnonhumansimian (where the prefix g means in my global region), taken from a newsgroup post (and updated a bit in late April, 2019, and again on April 4, 2020, and again on March 10, 2021, and again on March 24, 2021):

1. those "ordained" by at least one of my eight main deities, other than me if I am so "ordained"
2. any in ghuman (humans globally) ordained by one or more in ghuman to bishop level (or above) or equivalent (the lowest level that can ordain to level[s] below him or her) and women at priest level (or equivalent) in religions that do not ordain women to bishop level or equivalent, and women at deacon and Mother Superior levels (or equivalent) in religions that do not ordain women to priest level or equivalent
3. those who think they are major religious figures and are so thought by at least 1000 others (some who don't meet that number were included in category 1 above). Also when there is a council of equal leaders they are all included if the number of followers divided by the number on the council is at least 1000 (the same for a council of equal founders).
4. those who do not think they are major religious figures but are thought to be by at least 16,000 others
5. those who have received at least 8,000 words (spoken and/or written) from me
6. some non-religious: best-selling authors, university presidents, university vice-presidents, university deans, university heads of departments, and those with a doctorate in theology/religious studies, philosophy, mythology, or folklore
7. country leaders, federal cabinet members, state/province leaders, mayors of cities of at least a million people, UN ambassadors, and national level native leaders (e.g. Perry Bellegarde in Canada)
8. some people who have influenced me greatly, the current Secretary General of the UN, and some women I am greatly attracted to
9. any living members of ghuman who are in space or have been in space

The above numbers are for ghuman. Equivalent numbers for gcetacean are 1/20 of the above numbers, and equivalent numbers for gnonhumansimian are 1/50 of the above numbers.

Also I did include Reiki Masters (who have practiced for at least five years after receiving the Reiki Master certificate), Qi Gong Masters, and martial arts Masters, and now add to that yoga (including meditation) teachers (some of whom are known as gurus) who train and certify other yoga teachers and therapeutic touch practitioners who train and certify other therapeutic touch practitioners. I also add exorcists. I also add those who think they are matchmakers and are so thought by at least 1000 others.

And in major religious figures in the above list I included avatar, avatar type, buddha, buddha type, christ, christ type, devi, devi type, living god, living goddess, Mahdi, Maitreya, messiah, messiah type, guru, major druid, major shaman, major magick practitioner. major wizard, major mage, major warlock, major mystic, major psychic, major medium/channeller, major sangoma, major witch doctor, major diviner, Patriarch, founder (of a religion, denomination, or sect), leader (of a religion, denomination, or sect), major sorcerer, major sorceress, major necromancer, return or reincarnation of a major religious figure (I mean one considered to be), major native medicine man or woman, major witch, Prophet, major prophet, tirthankara, and terms similar to any of the above in other languages. Also the person considering them to be major religious figures have to consider them to be major religious figures with respect to that person (i.e. they would generally be in the same religion). Also any actual living avatar types and devi types (perhaps cetacean) other than me and Sarah McLachlan would be included even if they don't meet the numbers, but I think we am probably the only living avatar type and devi type (and if there are others living they are probably cetacean, e.g. perhaps long-lived bowhead whales).

September 18, 2018: The counter on my main Salmon page is approaching 8888.

From the title of my main page you might think that I am claiming the name Salmon. However, from the seagull incident I am more inclined to take the name Seagull.

September 25, 2018: If my four components material works, then, though I have been the instigator, most of the credit should go to my main collaborators Gaia, Sola, and Luna, the rest of my main deities, and the avatar types and devi types of the popthroughs, and to Sarah McLachlan for her inspiration and for the Sarah stuff that was unanimously accepted by Gaia, Sola, and Luna.

Also note that through I tried to constrain my eight main deities' definitions of goodness in my region to my messages and UN and Canadian and Newfoundland and Labrador law, in that priority, that was rejected, and though some were accepted as suggestions, I am not sure which ones. So my messages shouldn't be taken as coming from any or all of my eight main deities, and indeed I haven't looked at them in a while and may decide to edit them somewhat when I do. But I don't think I would be allowed to proceed unless there was some agreement. Also I hope that if the four components material works that we will have avoided the Extinction Reel (and indeed I think it has been converted to a Selective Cull with a lenient escape option and intermediate prison time option for those in danger of being culled, and if they reject both those options they could be forced to the prison time option by others to save their lives).

And I am not in an organized religion, will not start one, and will not join one, though I do plan to research druidism, traditional witchcraft, and Celtic shamanism after I come out of the low years. I was initiated as a Catholic but currently consider myself to be a nondenominational neopagan of a Celtic culture.

Also while I have in the past treated my perineum click (short period mula bandha, which results from a slight moving together of the upper thighs combined with a contraction of the muscles centred between the anus and genitals) divination like a messenger of the gods, in which when I address any of my deities I can get an answer by perineum click divination, I do not know the source of the perineum clicks for sure. Most recently I have been assuming it is Gaia (the Earth), and thus I have been using it to communicate with Gaia, but think that Gaia can relay from other of my deities to me. But in any event perineum click divination has been unreliable for me so if assisted shaktipat recipients start to get spontaneous, closure, and divination perineum clicks I advise them not to blindly believe perineum click divination results but look for evidence.

While I am still hoping that the majority of the four components material will come on, I would be reasonably happy if the evolution of sexual orientations and spiritual genders occurred, resulting in more compatible relationships, which should eventually have a positive effect on society. This would be facilitated if assisted shaktipat recipients do get matchmaking ability.

I have considered the possibility that sex magick might be needed to trigger the four components. However I would prefer that not be the case, since that would be a form of sex as a commodity, which I am against.

October 23, 2018: I have given up on the four components until after I come out of the low years, which if it is an eleven year sunspot cycle after the 14 years of Rama will be another 2.3 years, or if it is two eleven year sunspot cycles after the usual seven years it will be another 6.3 years. But I am hoping that it will be sooner than 2.3 years. Also while I have divined that Sarah McLachlan does not need to do anything to release me from the low years, such perineum click divination has been unreliable for me. And on my current medication regimen the low years are not very low except in terms of creativity.

July 13, 2019: The healing circle prescriptions subcomponent of the barebones component is somewhat similar to an attempt I made during waxing gibbous moon in June of 1996. However, unlike then, I am not paranoid, am not labelling any people close to me as psychopaths or sociopaths, and will not believe it is working without evidence, and I will not believe perineum click divination without evidence, though I still play at it.

July 25, 2019: Though I didn't mention it above, note that I had what I thought was accurate matchmaking (or at least spiritual gender and sexual orientation determination, but I also thought I could do personality matching as well) ability during waxing moon from March 8 to March 20, 2019, so it faded at full moon. This was based on my theory of four orientations (purestraight [straight-type-1], gay/lesbian, bisexual [attracted to both genders, not necessarily having sex with both genders], and fourth orientation [straight-type-2] compatible only with bisexual of the opposite gender) and two spiritual genders, so effectively eight harmonics (1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F). It also was based on my knowledge of examples of those eight harmonics, and my being careful to watch for transgender (e.g. 1MT would be spiritually purestraight male in a female body) and multispirit (which I define not as transgender but as individuals with more than one harmonic, generally equal number of male and female harmonics, and usually two-spirit, e.g. 3F/2MT, but I did come across one four-spirit individual, 1M/2M/1FT/2FT, compatible with everyone other than 4F and 4M, so far, and a 3M/3FT or 3F/3MT would be at least partially compatible with everybody, and if there was an eight-spirit individual they would be optimally compatible with everyone, as would a 1F/1M/3F/3M) individuals. The ability, if it is real and not delusional, is a siddhi (paranormal ability). However again it faded at March 20, 2019 full moon, though perhaps it will return someday. Also the assisted shaktipat recipients should get the ability.

November 7, 2020. I am trying one last attempt at getting the four components activated; if it fails I won't try again until I come out of the low years, which could be soon or could be another four years. This time I am invoking my four local main deities Gaia, Luna, Sola, and My Species (which is still Human if evolution has not occurred and Ghuman1 if evolution, with a split into 55 equal species in ghuman species group, has occurred) instead of God (the ruler of the region all/everything). I think this is a local matter and can be handled by the local four, and I draw a parallel with the constitutional division of duties among federal, provincial/state/territorial, and municipal governments, in which a federal government leaves local matters to the municipal government. Similarly God (if it exists, i.e. if there is a match to my definition of it) is leaving this local matter to the local four, or if you prefer, is delegating this local matter to them. And supposedly at this stage (early on November 7) all of the four components including the assisted shaktipat and the first two stages of evolution are complete/on, and only the physical evolution remains, and I hope that will begin (including for adults) by new (dark, Raven) moon, and that not long after that there will be immunity to infection by SARS-CoV-2 (including mutations as long as they can still be reasonably named SARS-CoV-2) for those not yet infected, and recovery for most of those who are infected.

March 20, 2021: The above attempt failed, but now I think I might be out of the low years since I think I have passed a "belly pop test". So in recent weeks I have been trying again but with just Gaia on Level -2 (top level) of the main stack, with my other seven main deities having Level -1 (one level down, in my geophysical convention of the level number increasing downward) access. So Gaia is the local chair/moderator of this local Earth Moon system working (my current region is from 12 km below the geoid to [200,000 - 12] km above the geoid, and popthroughs go back as long as 10,000 years ago). God could override this but there is no conflict between Gaia and God. But note that God is still my top deity, and indeed is Gaia's top deity, but it is leaving this local matter mainly to Gaia, as e.g. Justin Trudeau leaves provincial matters to Doug Ford and municipal matters to the mayor of Ottawa.

March 24, 2021: The above attempt failed since Gaia on its own is not capable of activating most of the four components material. In my latest (beginning March 22, 2021) attempt at getting my four components activated I have mainly invoked my deities God, Sola, and Gaia and communicated with Gaia by perineum click divination and Gaia is relaying from the other two to me. Due to my blue rose vision I am fairly confident I have a match to my definition of Gaia (the conscious planet Earth), and due to my sun stare experience I am fairly confident I have a match to my definition of Sola (the conscious sun), but I am a little less confident that I have a match to my definition of God, but if there is a match, God was involved in my early life. And you can look at them as analogies of levels of government: federal (God), provincial/state (Sola), and municipal (Gaia), petitioned by me. Of course God is much more powerful than Sola and Gaia, but Sola and Gaia have great local influence. And all three have agreed to share top level in my latest attempt, and all three have a veto. Also, for the benefit of pagan readers, since I define God as the ruler of the region all/everything, if all/everything is a someone named The All, it obviously rules itself, and in that case God would be the same as The All, and some Wiccans view their Goddess and Horned God as female and male aspects of The All. But I do not know if all/everything is a someone.

April 7, 2021: The above attempt failed. Some may say why don't I have God as the only judge of the four components material and on top level of the main stack. Well I tried that in the fall and it failed. Earlier (late on April 6) I divined that my eight main deities had voted unanimously to let me proceed, but that all eight would judge the four components material and all eight would be on top level. That seems clunky to me, but I guess if humans can work as a committee then they can. Also less will pass than if there was just one judge, and I think My Species (currently Human) will look out for the interests of humans, and that LOVE2 will not let anything pass that is not loving, though there can be tough love (criminals will not get off scot-free).

May 5, 2021: I have hopes that the four components are finally working, ending with the assisted shaktipat, which is in progress at 4:30 a.m. Also my matchmaking ability returned a while ago, with differences from March 2019 being that it now includes the ability to distinguish between species in ghuman species group (again there has been a split of ghomosapiens into 55 species in ghuman species group, where the prefix g means in my global region), and that this time it is more difficult to intuit the sexual harmonic(s) of someone who already has an optimally compatible match.

June 25, 2021: Tonight (the night of June 24, full moon) I determined that I had only gotten the sudden magickal evolution (done by God, though many contributed ideas) and the assisted shaktipat (which had many collaborators but was completed by God) and that for the rest of the four components the effects had been calculated but were not on yet. I had been working under the premise that all eight of my eight main deities (plus other popthrough collaborators for the popthrough subcomponents and species someones for the species balance) would be involved in turning on the effects. But this has not been working, so tonight I had to reconfigure. Though many have contributed to the calculations and everything had to be unanimously accepted by all eight of my eight main deities, God alone will turn on the remaining effects. The healing circle prescriptions should now be on and the species balance is coming on, as of 0533 UTC June 25, and hopefully the rest will come on in the next few hours.

August 6, 2021

My matchmaking ability faded again by the evening of July 2, 2021.

Beginning on July 30 I have been attempting the four components with Gaia, Sola, and Luna on the top level of the main stack (so they are the local chairs/moderators) and my other five main deities one level down (God, if it exists, could override that but I think it chooses not to for this local matter). I hope that this attempt will come to a conclusion this (August 6) morning, or if not, will by August 8 new (dark) moon.

Soon I might add a subpage on my eight sexual harmonics and eventually a subsubpage listing the matches, sexual harmonics determinations, and species determinations I have done in my two accurate matchmaking periods (March 8--20, 2019 and April 9 to July 2, 2021).

September 12, 2021: Last night I began trying the four components again from the very beginning, this time with the four judges God, Sola, Gaia, and Luna, ranked in that order (God is top ranked). I could edit many of the above entries to reflect that but won't for now, but where it reads Gaia, Sola, and Luna it should now read God, Sola, Gaia, and Luna. Also those "ordained" by at least one of the four happen to be at least minor good as defined by the committee of the four, and all extreme good are "ordained" by all four. Anyway, I hope that the activation will soon be complete, or if not that it will be at the latest by Yom Kippur.

December 18, 2021: I have been trying again since about November 7, this time with all eight of my eight main deities as judges, such that something had to be accepted by all eight for it to proceed. However God is the only one with Level -2 (top level) access in the main stack and is the chair/moderator, and is doing much of the implementation. The other seven have access one level down (Level -1, with level numbers increasing downward in the geophysical convention) moderated by God. But it is true that anyone (other than me) "ordained" by at least one of my eight main deities is included among the assisted shaktipat recipients, and that includes some good atheists (worship is not required for "ordination"). I hope that this current attempt will be complete by tomorrow night's full moon, or if not then, by winter solstice. But if this attempt proves fake again, while I will probably keep trying (since it makes me feel good to at least be attempting something), it may be more infrequently. It could be that I will have to wait three more years until my low/wilderness years reach seven years plus two eleven year sunspot cycles before I have success, while I had hoped it would be fourteen years plus one eleven year sunspot cycle, but I am now approaching a year beyond that (Jan. 29).