Preliminary remarks

This Salmon on the Thorns page is an autobiographical account of my mystic experiences, combined with comparison of those to those of past figures, plus a list of messages from me. But note that currently my mental state is better than it was during most of those past experiences. However I have found patterns in those past experiences which I have compared to those of some past pagan and non-pagan religious figures, though much research remains to be done.

The key mystic experiences I have had are five waning crescent highs, three of which followed 5.5 lunar months after onset of waxing gibbous moon trials. The first and most intense high of the five culminated in a naked sun stare, thorn hill climb, and blue rose vision. The first high occurred early in September, 1991, and the fifth occurred late in August and early in September, 1994.

Then beginning early in 1996 I entered into what I call low years, low in terms of creativity, at times in terms of mild depression, at times in terms of delusion and even paranoia. For past figures such low years seem to have lasted seven years but for me they have lasted 19.53 years (as of August 12, 2015) so far, I think since I have had the benefit of modern medicines, and since lifespans are longer today on average. But on my current medication regimen the low years are not very low except in terms of creativity.

The four figures I have the most evidence that I am similar to are Gwion (Taliesin), The Turquoise Bee, Quetzalcoatl, and Jesus. That implies that those four were similar to one another. For Gwion the evidence is of waning crescent highs, waxing gibbous moon trials, and the 5.5 lunar month (eight score days) separation between them, and of a period of seven years of low years. For The Turquoise Bee the evidence so far is of a blue rose vision (from his name), a thorn hill climb, and a sun stare. For Quetzalcoatl there is evidence of a sun stare near new moon, of a naked thorn hill climb, and of mystic sparks. For Jesus the main evidence is that during his baptism the heavens opened (in my case it was in a curved cone/tunnel, like a divine horn of oil with its wide mouth towards me) and wings descended as occurred to me during and after my sun stare, that there is some association of Mary and of Mary Magdalene with the blue rose, and that he underwent an ordeal by thorns as expressed by the crown of thorns and by the thorns wound around his exposed heart in the old Catholic Sacred Heart of Jesus pictures. I am not claiming to be an incarnation of a deity as Jesus is thought by some to have been (but I think that Jesus was a man like me, but had the primary siddhi healing while I have had the primary siddhi matchmaking, and I think Amergin had the primary siddhi weatherworking and Jacob probably a primary siddhi that was an agricultural ability combining green thumb and animal husbandry).

I discuss other past figures in the parallels in past figures section. But really all the evidence I have is not enough without my coming out of the low years into a period of creativity and productivity. That would be equivalent to the Buddha finding awakening/enlightenment after seven years of ascetic years or Fionn burning (and sucking) his thumb on the salmon of wisdom caught by Finn Eces (or Finnegas) after seven years of trying.

I was raised Catholic but currently am an eclectic neopagan, with elements of animism, totemism, shamanism, and humanism, and still some influences from Catholicism. On my main deities I list my eight main deities, but I am not pushing those on anyone. However I am pushing the messages on my main messages and its subpage derived messages which are mostly non-religious. These are messages from me, to my people (the human species, globally), and are backed by my similarity to past figures.