Parallels in various world religions

In this section I outline parallels to my call, trials and inspirations and low years in various world religions. This is a work in progress and will be added to gradually from trips to the library and perhaps feedback from those who read this. First I added material that was in earlier versions of this page (Taliesin, North American native Salmon, Haida raven, Jesus, Old Testament prophets, Norse Edda verses). Now I have added the stuff that was in the newsgroup posts I have made since, including Hindu, Buddhism, bull/lightning paths. In 2005 I added a section on Greek and Italian paganism.

This section grew mostly out of a few trips to the university library in 1997. After I put the early version of this section on the web in 1997 I thought I would sit back and let others read what I had done so far and then they would either already know more relevant material or could easily do research to find more. I thought this would be especially important to those in small old religions wanting to prove that their own major figures were similar to and just as good as the major figures in large religions, and important to followers of major figures in large religions wishing to show similarity between their major figure(s) and that or those in other large religions. But this has not occurred. However I still welcome contributions and if I get any from you I would reference you and your sources. But in the meantime, since 1997 I have found a few more items on the web, and I now (2015) plan to again begin web and library research to find more parallels in world religions information.

Now again I hoped others would do some research but I now (March 2015) plan to start doing some more web and library research within the next month or two.

It would be much appreciated if others could tell me of more past mystics with the 5.5 lunar month separation between waxing gibbous moon trial and waning crescent inspiration, the sun stare, naked thorn hill climb, blue rose vision, clear sky lightning inspiration, mystic spark experiences, and long period of low/wilderness years (which I, March 12, 2015, hope I will be out of soon).

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